Friday, March 16, 2007

Grindhouse Must Cut Itself for Street Cred

A bunch of news outlets and websites more professional than this one are reporting that Grindhouse will be rated NC-17 unless it gets huge cuts.

Seems to me like they could just cut out the Robert Rodriguez part. That would at least cut the sex and violence in half, right?

Seriously? A chick with a machine gun for a leg, that's your idea? Remember the guy in Dusk Till Dawn with the dick gun? Or the guitar case bomb on wheels thing in Once Upon a Time in Mexico? And remember how Enrique Iglesias was in that movie?

Look, I have nothing against good dumb fun, but let's face it, Robert Rodriguez is a child.

And Quentin, you were my hero once, but ever since I saw you guest judge American Idol* (and for the love of God man, a pooka shell necklace?!), you're on thin ice.

*This is where I would link to the video, if I could find it. Once again, jokes are much better when you have to explain them.

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